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Service and support

1、 Professional team Taiwan Technology

Professional technology R & D team: the company is headquartered in Taiwan, with a superb R & D team. Accumulated 40 years of professional knowledge and experience in wire harness industry. Adopt Taiwan's high-tech talents. The main parts are developed in cooperation with famous foreign manufacturers. Ensure machine performance and timely innovation. Can meet all kinds of customer needs.

2、 Multi function and high quality

Production of multi-functional, high-quality machines: fully automatic production equipment are produced and assembled in Taiwan, the whole machine sold to all parts of the mainland, Taiwan's 40 year production team, unified procurement, mass production. Let high-precision, high-quality machines continue. Let customers feel at ease. And production standards and various functions of the machine, to meet customer demand for any product.

3、 Integrated production of machine tool mould

Dongguan self production machine configuration of the relevant mold, riveting blade, peeling knife: the sales machine equipped with the relevant mold riveting blade, are self-produced. It ensures the consistency between the machine and the cutter, and can improve the production capacity and quality of the customer's products. All cutting tool steel is imported from Japan, reducing the wear of consumables and blades, and increasing the service life. Reduce customer costs.

4、 Good service, no worries after sales

High level after-sales service: we have a professional after-sales service team, and the maintenance experience of the technical team is more than 5-15 years. We provide customers with professional after-sales answers and on-site maintenance services. In addition, Wuxi, Kunshan, etc. are required to have after-sales service points. In the United States, Brazil, Vietnam and other regions have sales and provide quick after-sales service.