Precautions when using terminal machine

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Safety precautions: please read this manual carefully before installation, operation, maintenance and spot check. Otherwise, only qualified personnel can carry out assembly line operation. The safety precautions in the manual are divided into "warning" and "attention". Note: point out dangerous situations that may cause death or serious injury, such as negligence. Note: indicate the possible dangerous situation, if not cleaned, it will cause slight or slight injury to personnel and damage to mechanical equipment. Therefore, we should read this manual carefully before using this automatic terminal. Note: please give this manual to the end user, so that the full automatic terminal can play the maximum effect. General precautions: this automatic terminal equipment has been inspected before leaving the factory. After unpacking, please check the following items in order: 1. It is the model of automatic terminal machine you ordered. 2. Do not connect the power supply when there is danger during transportation. 3. Each automatic terminal machine has a quality control seal. If there is no such seal, do not connect the power supply.