Test method of mute terminal machine

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To check whether the terminal is qualified, it needs to pass the terminal section analyzer. The process is divided into: cutting, grinding, polishing, electrolysis (corrosion) - investigation. The application method of the active terminal machine the active terminal machine is simple and convenient to use. It can be produced only after the terminal mold is put on and the parameters in the screen are set.

Brief introduction to various characteristics of terminal machine

Definition of silent terminal machine

It refers to a kind of machine that can actively press the hardware head to the wire break and conduct.

Classification of silent terminal machines

The active terminal machine can be divided into pneumatic terminal machine, ultra quiet terminal machine, all-round terminal machine, continuous terminal cutting pin machine, continuous strip terminal machine, semi-active ultra quiet terminal machine, wire cutting and stripping terminal machine, terminal machine, small King Kong terminal machine, series motor stator terminal machine, computer wire active stripping terminal machine, pin inserting machine terminal machine, gold wire terminal machine, etc.

Electronic wire rod processing is a relatively frequent processing. Nowadays, there are many kinds and standards of wires in the market, so when selecting electronic wire rod processing, you can take a look at the following precautions:

To see the insulating layer, see whether its core is located in the middle of the insulating layer. What's not in the middle is the core deflection caused by the low technology. If the power is small and the waves are still calm, the thinner side will probably be broken down by the current once the power consumption is large

The selection of electronic wire and wire must purchase high-quality brands in shopping malls, and only when there are certain famous brands in shopping malls can you rest assured. Now we are going to teach you how to look at the quality of the wire, to see whether the length and the thickness of the wire core are hands and feet. In the relevant standards, the error of wire length shall not exceed 5%, and the cross-section diameter shall not exceed 0.02%. However, there are many scenes of short weight in length and cheating in cross-section (for example, the line with a cross-section of 2.5 mm2 is only 2 mm2 thick in fact) in the shopping mall.

Electronic wire processing is now widely used. It is usually used in weak current engineering, such as internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment

Its high temperature resistance: (minus 190 degrees to 300 degrees), fire resistance, non melting; low coefficient of thermal expansion: aramid fiber reinforced fiber reinforced cable reinforced core in a wide temperature range, the coefficient of linear expansion is less than steel wire and glass fiber reinforced cable reinforced core; light and high strength: DuPont Kevlar fiber reinforced cable reinforced core density is low, strength is high, its specific strength and specific modulus far exceed steel wire and glass fiber reinforced cable Reinforcing core;