Introduction of ultra quiet terminal machine

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Ultra quiet terminal machine is a modern inverter control skill. It is developed for common terminal die at home and abroad. It is suitable for the crimping of various terminals and wires. Digital control, safety protection system and simple operation complete the precision, strength and safety that the machinery cannot. It makes the terminal machine ultra quiet operation, and the inverter itself can save% 30 of the power, plus the ultra quiet terminal machine It is the operation of one-time power on, to avoid unnecessary idling of the motor, more power-saving use. There is no noise, and the workers are more focused on their work, which greatly improves the work efficiency. This is the end of the wire processing equipment. Ultra quiet terminal machine

Function modification of ultra quiet terminal machine

Equipped with OTP long mold; [1] 2. This machine adopts electronic induction positioning frequency conversion dispersion; 3. This machine saves power, no power consumption and no sound during operation; 4. This machine has no fault force at all, but the oil Bridge on the head is necessary to ensure that there is oil.

Parameter modification of ultra quiet terminal machine

Power supply: AC220V / 50Hz power: 400W slider stroke: 30mm maximum closing height: 150 mm closing height adjustment: 10 mm pressing times: 150 / min boundary dimension: 350 × 390 × 500 mm nominal pressure: 20 kn component

Effect modification of mute terminal machine

Silent terminal machine refers to a machine used for wire processing, which can press the hardware head to the wire end. Then do the conduction again. The terminals printed out by the mute terminal machine are generally for the convenience of connection. Without welding, the two wires can be stably connected together, and only need to be pulled out when disassembling.

Julun Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 64 years of the Republic of Taiwan. In 69 years of the Republic of China, it was put into the production of terminal machines and wire cutting machines. With the continuous efforts of all staff, it further designed and launched automatic machinery.

Taiwan head office has been established for more than 40 years. It adheres to the business philosophy of pursuing excellence. From the development and design to the production and production of consistent operations, the company adopts the computer management system, which will develop design, financial management, material management and customer orders And so on, are included in the company's computer management system.

In 1997, Dongguan julun Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Mainly responsible for the integrated production of sales machine and mould blade. Serve all the customers who need it inland.

Because of the support from all walks of life, the company has made great efforts to improve the quality of machinery. Therefore, the company has invested 120 million yuan in the triple plant, and introduced the "numerical control horizontal precision integrated machining center machine" of Toshiba company of Japan to process parts and machine body, so as to make the quality and size of the machine precise and accurate.

In recent years, in order to meet the needs of various industries in the future, the company has been continuously investing in and developing high-capacity machinery, providing more automated machinery for the industry, achieving the goal of reducing costs and improving competitiveness, and receiving advanced care from all walks of life.

The company will adhere to the service industry, improve the quality of terminal machines and wire cutting machines, and continue to move forward to new and new, with a view to becoming the world's terminal machine and wire cutting machine manufacturing company.