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The most basic operating procedures for the super quiet terminal machine

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The most basic operating procedures for the super quiet terminal machine

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  The most basic operating procedures for the super quiet terminal machine

   Dongguan giant fiber machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production line and cable production equipment, wire end processing equipment and peripheral automation equipment terminal machine, full automatic terminal machine, semi-automatic terminal machine, super quiet terminal machine, stripper machine, computer stripper machine, wire stripping machine, computer cutting machine, automatic terminal press machine, all automatic terminal press machine, all Automatic peeling and terminal machine and other mechanical equipment, for product design, production, sale, service as one of the company.




1: acknowledge the line card instructions, terminal / mold recognition is not in line with the request;

2: start the super mute terminal machine and stop the machine after its working condition.

3: put the mold frame with the cutters onto the super quiet terminal machine and clamp with the jig. At the moment, a manual knife is used to make the slider of the super quiet terminal machine move to the lower dead point, unscrew the screw of the clamping tool, adjust the appropriate position of the cutter, and then fix it. At the moment, we pay attention to the pressure size of the press, and pay attention to the cooperation between the knife and the knife, and avoid the cooperation between the knife and the knife. The shift of the knives is presented.

4: test the terminal and line, look at the pressing condition, and then make the pull test. If no skill request is reached, the pressure screw on the super quiet terminal machine is adjusted to lock after the request.

5: use manual pressure test to avoid pressing the knife, the electric operation to see whether the press and die are different from ordinary noise or impact sound, check the blade feeding equipment and its travel;

6: if there is no abnormal rotation, test the pressure 2-3pcs after the first inspection of the pull test, qualified before production.

7: hold the line and line of the left hand when the left hand is pressed, the right hand send line and position, the line mouth is leaning on the lower blade and near the terminal, the right foot step on the foot switch to make the clutch leave, the clutch is separated, the super silent terminal machine and the blade press down the connection and terminal, and then finish the action;

Troubleshooting and repair of super quiet terminal machine

When the operator is adjusting the die, it is necessary to make the machine in manual condition. (that is, the light is red)

Troubleshooting and repair

1. The foot switch is bad and new.

2. Please check the close switch.

Fuse, fuse, change new.

4. Mechanical action is dull, super silent terminal machine adds butter 1-3 times to machine (4 holes) and mould (3 holes) oil hole everyday. Mechanical working environment temperature (-2. To 50.

Motor trouble (smoke, stink), motor 750W replace, pay attention to motor voltage.

The mold is stuck and can not slide up and down. Use the wrench to roll the spindle tail screw, so that the spindle slider can move the upper and lower sliding punch to see if the riveting knife is injured or not, and the scratched terminal is stuck on the upper knife.

Mold replacement: please pay attention to replacing the die, please put the machine in manual condition.  

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